Our Story

Written and Directed by my Son

“Expertise, coupled with understanding, equals success!”

Did Sun Sue say that, or my 13-year-old?

We are a family. Not literally, but committed as such.

Your future team consists of individuals worldwide who chose to provide their skills to help people who reached out to us for property management services. They asked for assistance to have their homes and investments taken care of by a group that they believe can make that goal become a reality. Yes, that is us!

With our help, more than 1,500 clients have created a future for themselves with their property as a profitable investment. Not only for the primary purpose of making a return, but also for providing housing to many people during the process.

Yes, it is totally sappy, but housing is a wonderful thing for everyone, and that opportunity plus the income source is a win-win. So say, my kids 🙂

We like helping people have a home to live in, and we also truly make efforts beyond our normal work schedules to help ensure they enjoy where they live. Our clients receive the best service and response time. It may seem funny, but we all want that environment to call home.

We comprise the most award-winning property management company in Northern Virginia and DC, and specifically the best-reviewed company in our space. Our team leader/broker teaches our competitors how to do what we do. They have taken our best practices and incorporated them into their business to grow and thrive, and they are great!

Although we rarely go to court and strive to make things work for everyone to ensure our clients are OK first and foremost, we always come full court press to ensure they are protected. Through our leases and management practices, we have yet to lose in court. Doing things the correct way and delivering on promises does pay off; who would have thought?

Having the best advocate on their side is our team lead.

He says he should have been an attorney but skipped law school to raise his two kids full-time and restore old homes. Our other team lead has a great tan and works diligently to be a great single mom to her kids. AND our hardest working team members are brother and sister and not only support our clients but each other.

We have chosen to be a boutique company with huge resources providing our clients with the best staff-to-client ratio in our area.


If you want to read more about us….there is more 🙂
Ok, so the rest of this is kind of funny and honestly really heartfelt.

Trust and confidence are what led us to our place in NOVA.

Learning brought us together, along with the communal idea that we could manage properties for people. We provide services to a limited number of clients annually. We all work through the Happiness Guarantee. This way we all know how important it is that we perform as expected.

If you want to laugh and always be surprised, have dinner or a drink with a property Manager OR a Car Salesperson, our stories are never ending.

We want to let you know you are in good hands

Hopefully, after a little better understanding of who we are. Our literal guarantee that if you are not happy, we will work for free that month gives us an opportunity to show you.

We hope you will consider working with us!

The PR Team : )

About Tino Peabody

Tino Peabody is a full-time father of two, homeschool parent to one of his children, and business owner of Peabody Residential, which he established in 2009. He has been the owner and broker of several real estate companies in Northern Virginia and helped create the Virginia Association property management guide shared by the association as a standard to more than 12,000 members while he served as chairman of the Property Management Committee.

He also serves as the current president and founder of NORAP (National Association of Rental Agent Professionals), which provides rental real estate certification for agents and companies across the county. Throughout his career, Tino has successfully assisted homeowners in managing more than $1 billion in real estate assets and helped oversee more than 3,500 rental transactions and sales. In addition to his love for his work, Tino converts commercial/medical office buildings to ADA apartments helping to add housing to neighborhoods. After his work time, he restores historic homes, one of his favorites; he resides with his two children.