Inspections and Comprehensive Property Reports

There are many different situations when an inspection of the property which may be performed.

Example Property Condition Reports

Peabody Residential provides owners with comprehensive property reports.

  • Clear documentation of the home

    This documentation includes both a detailed written description along with photographs.

    - Move In Inspections

    time we inspect rental propetiesA Move In Report is completed when a tenant moves in if they provide it within the required time specified in the lease. It notes damage so the tenant has a record of it being there when they moved in. It is used as a point of reference when the final inspection is conducted at the end of the lease.

    - Move Out Inspection

    We coordinate with the tenants to perform a Move Out Inspection once they vacated the property and provided all the requirements of the lease.

    - Periodic Inspections

    During the lease term, we may perform interim inspections to observe the condition of the property and how the tenants are maintaining it. If a lease violation is noted, we will do a follow-up inspection to make sure the tenants have complied. We also check routine maintenance items that the homeowner is responsible for, such as exterior painting and tree trimming.

  • Air filters and smoke detectors checked

  • Home checked for unauthorized pets or other issues

    This ensures that your tenants are complying with the lease agreement.

A comprehensive property report minimizes disputes

  • Positive start to a new lease. This helps create a good relationship with the tenant.
  • Helps eliminate any recourse a tenant may pursue over a statement of damages
  • 3rd party evaluation to reference during a deposit dispute

Landlord Inspections

When you are in the area, it is natural to want to see your property. Out of courtesy, please give us advance notice if you are planning to be in the area and would like to stop by your property. We will notify the tenant.

The lease requires us to give the tenants reasonable notice. Try to give us at least several days’ notice to prepare the tenant and to schedule a convenient time for all of us.

Moving Back Home

We do everything we can to make sure your property is in good condition when you return. You must realize that your property will not be in the exact same condition as it was when you left it, however, we prefer to have the property cleaned and painted before you re-occupy, particularly if you have been away for several years. This is something we have found to make a significant difference in the feeling owners have when they move back into their property.