Northern Virginia Property Management Services (NOVA)

Our client experience is unique because of
how we service properties and treat owners.

Our Property Management Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe so strongly that we provide a superior property management experience that we offer our clients THREE Guarantees!

Re-Rent Leasing Fee Guarantee

If the tenants we place in your property do not complete the first 12 months of their lease agreement we will re-rent the property for free. You will never pay 2 full leasing fees in the same 12 month period!

100% Happiness

If for any reason you are not 100% Happy with our property management service, we will refund you that one month’s management fee.

It’s Easy
To Switch!

If for any reason you are not completely happy with our services and you want to leave Peabody Residential, you can cancel your agreement without penalty at any time.

Guarantees are associated with the current management agreement

Superior Performance Statistics

Less than a 1.75% Late Payment rate

# of days to lease a property - Less than 30 days based on clients who agreed to our recommended initial price and price reductions.

1.85% vacancy rate.

0% Evictions. We have never had an eviction on an applicant we have qualified.

98% owner reimbursement for damages billed

100% success rate of $0 costs/loss of income to owner when tenant terminates lease early

Our Point of Difference:

We offer a comprehensive approach to property management

We provide every service our clients need in order to have a fully leased and functioning property until they are ready to sell their property or move back into it.

Our focus is contract property management clients; to assist with leasing, management and sale of their property if needed.

We are happy to provide you a property management analysis to see if we may be a good fit to manage your property.

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We manage our client’s properties just like we manage our own. The client experience is the most transparent style of residential property management with the most efficient systems in place to deliver the highest level of service.

Northern Virginia Property Management

Avoid Hiring companies that only do leasing and not management.

Companies who only do leasing have a primary motivation to lease to the first person who walks in the door. Without managing the property, they have no feedback as to how a certain type of tenant behaves over time. Their motivation is not to find you the best possible tenant.

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Services

Peabody Residential works with their property management clients to purchase and sell homes.

Peabody Residential works with their property management clients to purchase and sell homes.

We assist our clients in purchasing another home if they return to the area and decide to maintain the house we manage as an investment, acquiring additional investment properties and selling their investment properties or personal homes.

Leasing Services

Why Hiring a real estate sales agent to manage your property isn't enough.

Even though an agent may be perfectly qualified to sell you a home, they certainly don't specialize in property management. Many agents are unaware of the specific legal policies that could cost you thousands of dollars when a problem arises.

Award Winning Northern Virginia Property Management Services (NOVA)